When life gives me a migraine, I go out anyway

Pushing through a migraine is one of the most empowering experiences. It may not be the wisest decision, since I should probably stay home with a hot water bottle or ice pack on my head, surrounded by comforting blankets and pillows, darkness and zero noise, but today is Saturday. It's a beautiful, no clouds in... Continue Reading →


The Most Amazing Feeling In The World

So today, on Valentine’s Day, I experienced the most wonderful feeling. I was out with my husband, walking on the beach and there was this pack of stray Pointer puppies just running around, wrestling with each other on the sand. Of course, I, the animal lover that I am, ran right towards them and joined... Continue Reading →

Welcome to Colorholica!

  Negativity has no place in this blog, or in our lives. It shouldn’t, at least. In a perfect world, we would be happy all the time, and always in love with life. Although we don’t live in a perfect world, and being that some of us suffer from mental illnesses such as anxiety/depression, negative... Continue Reading →

First Go-Karting Experience

I should begin by saying that I've always wanted to go on a go-kart, but never had the opportunity, nor really went out of my way to get it. So this weekend, it happened. My husband and I were exploring Barouk, a region southeast of Beirut (the capital of Lebanon). My first time there, it... Continue Reading →

Stop Dreaming, Start Living

So last night, my husband's good friend passed away. It was sudden and shocking for everyone. My husband had been texting him the night before and nothing seemed to be wrong. Twenty four hours later, we got news that he had suffered a heart attack and passed away. Just like that, he was gone. I... Continue Reading →

Attract This!

A few years ago when the book "The Secret" came out and everyone was going crazy over it, I was too young to really care about it. Fast forward years later, more specifically, to last night, and it's a completely different story. Last night, I was browsing through Netflix and saw that the documentary "The... Continue Reading →

About Colorholica

Vivecca Chatila Malkoun is a self-proclaimed multi-faceted creative force. She is a published writer, photographer and multimedia artist living in Beirut, Lebanon.  She has dedicated this blog to inspiring and motivating people to live a positive and colorful lifestyle through creativity, fashion and motivational experiences. Above all, she believes that:  You should always be proud... Continue Reading →


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