The Little Things

Most people go about their morning running to get coffee, and running to work, running late. Running, running, running. Never stopping to notice the small things that are right in front of their eyes. They’re just too busy to notice. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve slowed down lately, or if it’s my eye for detail, but I notice the little things. I like to see things other’s wouldn’t even notice. It’s a gift to cherish really.

Like the single gorgeous rose blooming in a patch of dead bushes, the sunlight hitting it just right, making it shine.

The kitty that craves attention. As I sit down next to it, it slowly crawls into my lap and makes its home there for the next five minutes as I stroke its thick fur,. It purrs and nestles its head in my hand. soaking up all the love I can provide it.

The taste of a hot chocolate on an equally hot day

The light breeze

A smile from a stranger

A store sign that reminds us of a friend

Listening to a song that matches your mood at that exact moment

An unexpected treat from a friend

Biting into a tasty meal that makes your tastebuds dance, even if just for a moment. The sensations are almost magical.

A brightly colored photograph, funky nail polish

Finely decorated cakes on the bakery window, sand castles, sea glass, unique rocks and shells at the beach

The most seemingly insignificant details around us are right there for you to find, you just have to be open to see them. So next time you’re walking down the street or out and about, take some time to notice things you wouldn’t normally see. What are some things you’ve already seen?

Comment below and make your own list.


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