Dreams don’t have to make sense…

For the longest time, I always thought that my dreams were just that…dreams. No way would they ever come true, so I dreamed BIG and didn’t stop until I was satisfied with what I had created in my mind. My wildest and most adventurous dreams.

Then someone told me to dream smaller. Don’t dream at all. Be realistic. No dreams, no disappointments. Of course, I didn’t listen. I kept dreaming, imagining, visualizing, writing, full force, stronger than before. You should never tell a dreamer to stop dreaming. That only makes their dreams grow stronger.

Years passed, and I got tired of dreaming, but I never stopped.

Then, one day…one of them came true. Then another. And then another. I started to realize…maybe my dreams aren’t so crazy, so big. Maybe they’re just right. So why not, dream big? Bigger? BIGGER?!

Even if they’re crazy, or seem wrong, or out of place. If they bring your heart joy, and a smile to your face, when all you’ve been doing is crying inside, then why not? If they make you happy, then what’s so wrong about that? The answer is, it’s not wrong at all.Dreams don’t have to make sense…


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