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I recently got a new part time job teaching what I love. Creative Writing. It’s a strange sort of thing, because I’m so passionate about writing and yet, I don’t have much time to practice it, unless you count this blog post, and other random musings during the day.

Creativity in general isn’t really widely appreciated here in Lebanon by the older generations. They see drawing, painting, or doing anything creative should be kept as a “hobby” but never as an actual job. They think their kids are better off becoming lawyers, engineers or doctors, rather than artists, designers or (gasp) part of the entertainment industry. Contrary to the US, where creativity is highly encouraged and even expected when you enter school. Thankfully, younger generations (including mine) in Lebanon do appreciate the importance and power of creativity, and they are constantly creating. I think this is progress and it should only keep going in this direction. What’s a life without creativity?? What’s a country without creativity? Without creativity, we wouldn’t have electricity or air conditioning, or even avocado toast.

The world needs creatives who see beyond what the world IS…and instead dream and work for what the world COULD BE. This is the only way we can make change happen and keep moving forward.

Tomorrow I’ve planned a special class called “Creative Exploration” in which I will give my 25 students a ton of writing exercises in hopes of inspiring them to push their limits and expand their imaginations. I thought today I’d try some of them myself.

Imagination With Objects

  • Pick an item from anywhere around you
    • I picked the coffee mug


Exercise (5 min)- Imagination With Objects

  • List all the possible uses of your item- make it as realistic or create new ways of using your objects- invent, go crazy, be as right or wrong as you want – pick them up- diff angle
    • My List:
      • place to store pens
      • place to store food or drink
      • hat
      • keychain
      • weapon
      • a coverup
      • something to outline a circle with- large and smaller one
      • a bug trapper
      • shadow maker
      • hear things louder with
      • hear the ocean with
      • balance trainer

Exercise (5 min)- Rename it

  • Now give your item a NEW name- new use, or just a new name
    • Use: A bug trapper
    • New name: Bugdome

Exercise (20 min)- 3 Things Narrative Challenge

  • Prop: Your item- using its new name/use
  • Time: 1:11
  • Subject: any animal you choose

“I had been seeing that iridescent looking beetle for days, rounding my desk, hiding under file cabinets, under my chair, on the corners of the walls around my office, and now it was just sitting right there, in plain sight. The slick of rainbow on its shell made me think twice about killing it. It was too pretty, too delicate. I thought I’d trap it instead. I grabbed the bugdome and carefully but quickly placed it on top of the beetle. I breathed a sigh of relief as it was now under my control. I looked up as I took a deep breath, and the clock read 1:11. I guess it was just lucky.”




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