First Go-Karting Experience

I should begin by saying that I’ve always wanted to go on a go-kart, but never had the opportunity, nor really went out of my way to get it.

So this weekend, it happened. My husband and I were exploring Barouk, a region southeast of Beirut (the capital of Lebanon). My first time there, it was a small town but had a lot to offer in terms of nature trails, the famous Chouf Cedar Reserve, as well as some small shops and restaurants.

Being that it’s early February, there’s still snow on the ground, and most summery things are closed. There was a long line of boarded up kiosks and open-air restaurants but they’re all closed until summer I guess. We were driving to the Cedar Reserve and came across a huge Luna Park (carnival). As soon as I saw they had go-karts I jumped at the chance! It was totally empty so we were in luck. No lines, no wait.

We paid $10 per person for like a 15 minute ride. I was so scared at first because I’d never tried it but I kept thinking of my cousin, Sarah ( and how she is on a mission to try new things and experiences and I’m like, “let’s do this!”.


I clumsily climbed in the go-kart, strapped myself in and was given directions as to which pedals were which. Then….off I went! At grandma speed…..I was too scared to go any faster until I got the hang of it. My husband was already overlapping me as I was halfway through the first round. Finally I was able to accelerate more and more and gain some speed, but not without screaming and laughing through it! I got this huge adrenaline rush, and felt like I was invincible, if just for a second. Screaming like a little kid, carefree, and happy. In that moment, everything was perfect.

The time went by super fast and it was time to park the go-kart and get out. I secretly wanted another turn but decided to leave it for next time. First time go-karting was a total success!


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