Success in Experimentation

Ever since I was a little kid, I loved to experiment. It gave me such a rush knowing¬†I was trying something knew, delving¬†into the unknown, armed with minimal knowledge. Yet, I was determined to make magic happen. More often than not, my experiments were actually quite successful (not bragging, just stating facts here). I made... Continue Reading →


The proof is in the compiled photos over the years. Hearts really DO follow me.....I see them photoshop.

Inspired to Create

I'm not usually into drawing, however sometimes.....once a month......I do get incredibly inspired artistically and stuff comes out of me that I never knew ever could. I don't know where it comes from really.....I guess maybe I do have some hidden talent, even though I took countless classes, it never showed much....but maybe it's just... Continue Reading →

The Little Things

Most people go about their morning running to get coffee, and running to work, running late. Running, running, running. Never stopping to notice the small things that are right in front of their eyes. They're just too busy to notice. I don't know if it's because I've slowed down lately, or if it's my eye... Continue Reading →

Adventurous Souls Can’t Be Tamed

You know that saying, "I woke up one morning and decided to......" Think it never happens that way? Wrong. It happened to me. I was once a dreamer, wishing for a grand adventure to take my life somewhere, and suddenly I found myself living it, one adventure at a time. I traveled half across the... Continue Reading →

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