Creativity and Adventures in teaching…

I recently got a new part time job teaching what I love. Creative Writing. It's a strange sort of thing, because I'm so passionate about writing and yet, I don't have much time to practice it, unless you count this blog post, and other random musings during the day. Creativity in general isn't really widely... Continue Reading →


Attract This!

A few years ago when the book "The Secret" came out and everyone was going crazy over it, I was too young to really care about it. Fast forward years later, more specifically, to last night, and it's a completely different story. Last night, I was browsing through Netflix and saw that the documentary "The... Continue Reading →

The proof is in the compiled photos over the years. Hearts really DO follow me.....I see them photoshop.

The Little Things

Most people go about their morning running to get coffee, and running to work, running late. Running, running, running. Never stopping to notice the small things that are right in front of their eyes. They're just too busy to notice. I don't know if it's because I've slowed down lately, or if it's my eye... Continue Reading →

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